Pleasure Specialist Serena Relax Into Pleasure

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It is rare in today's world that we have a chance to completely surrender. It is even more rare that we find the time to let go of all of our responsibilities, thoughts, worries and concepts of ourselves and go inward.

Exploring physical pleasure can leave you inspired.
Touch and human connection is food for your soul.

I invite you to...

* Let go

* Open the channels of your heart

* Enjoy a more intimate relationship with yourself and others

* Expand your body's capacity for sensual awareness

* Heighten ecstatic states

* Nurture your sensual creativity

What to expect...

* Thera-Erotic Tantra Massage/FBSM

* Warm Oil Anointing

* Chakra or Energy Balancing/Alignment

* Divine Feminine Presence

* Eye Gazing / Soul Connecting

* Sacred Prostate / G-Spot Massage

* Lingham / Goddess Worship

Let me not only adore you but allow you to adore your true self by bringing you to a place of deepened relaxation. Through mutual understanding and deeper connection, you and I will shape and chisel my determined role in your life to your expectations, needs and desires. I possess a deeper understanding of people, lust, and relationships than most do, allowing me to offer an experience impossible to duplicate.

Women, men, and couples are welcome to contact me for custom tailored experiences that will create a space to reconnect the heart with the energy center, deepen pleasure, renew intimacy and expand your sensual identity.

Tantra and FBSM Massage.


Location: Orange