Sofia Grace
Tantra Erotic/Ecstatic Sessions in Orange County/LA/SD

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Dear seekers of truth, transformation, healing, love & ecstatic joy!

My name is Sofia Grace, Dakini and Passion Priestess.

I welcome you here & offer an invitation to explore your capacity for pleasure and rejuvenation.

As a Dakini and Tantric Goddess, I practice the science of ecstasy.

The Human experience derives a great source of energy from sexuality and as Spiritual Beings there is an abundant source of spiritual energy from the universe.

When we merge these two energies together (Sexuality and Spirituality,) the creative and healing possibilities are endless. This is the state of ecstasy and bliss.

As a healer, my life’s calling is one of profound spirituality deeply rooted in yoga
and Tantra.

I will purify your spirit and channel your energy into a powerful mindfulness, a state of fervent ecstasy and bliss.

That is my gift to you. Namaste.

*Please check out my website to find out more about me, my guidelines, and my Tantric Sessions

Sofia Grace
(949) 216-7193

Location: Irvine